Barberton Airport
RWY 35-17. 1000m. Gravel/Grass. Lights. Elv: 2250ft. Co-ords:S25º43'051 - E030º58'515 Freq: 123.95 Call sign "Barberton"
Airport info & procedures
Airport Lodge
+27 82 490 5721
Advanced Flight Training

Barberton Airport is situated in the heart of the Barberton Valley in the most Southern part of the South African Lowveld (Wild Frontier). This is a general aviation airport serving the Barberton Valley area. The airport is available for public use however it is a privately owned residential airport. See Airport information & procedures prior to flying in.

Situated 15km from Barberton and 35 km from Nelspruit, off the R40, 1km on the Snymansbuilt road.

1000m / 3000ft compacted gravel / grass runway with lights, lodge on airport and secure aircraft parking area.

Barberton Airport is also the South African base for Bush Air and CC Pocock's famous Advanced Bush & Mountain Flying Courses.